Shaymin Sky

Shaymin's 'Supposed' Sky Forme

With the leak of Shaymin's Sky Forme in name, but without images to back the claim up, PurpleKecleon, a well-known Pokémon artist, created a fake version of this alternate form.

Needless to say, many in the fandom jumped to conclusions about its veracity, as the trademark on the terms "Land Forme" and "Sky Forme" had already been verified, while there was heavy evidence that Shaymin would be getting an alternate form. Thus, it became easily the most well-timed prank in the Pokémon fandom.

PurpleKecleon, however, announced the next day in her deviantART journal that she had created the fake Sky Forme Shaymin. The real one was leaked some time later in artwork on drink cups from Pokémon Festa.

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